About 95% of all our decisions and behaviors are made subconsciously. As most subconscious problems can’t be solved with conscious methods, it makes sense to work with subconscious techniques to solve them. Hypnotherapy as one of the most effective methods of working with your subconscious is well-known for its positive effects on coping with addictions, fighting phobias and improving physical health. However, there’s one more area where hypnotherapy can have a huge impact: personal growth and achieving your career goals.

Reprogram Your Subconscious

Before starting my career as hypnotherapist in 2013, I worked at Stuttgart’s Mercedes-Benz Museum. After a few months climbing a career ladder I found myself suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, sleeping disorder, smoking addiction, and alcohol abuse. I got rid of all of these through hypnotherapy back then. This was a life-changing experience after which I decided to start my own career as a hypnotherapist. During almost 10 years of running my own practice I had a lot of patients who came with requests on changing their mindset into a growth mindset and achieving satisfying work-life balance where they shouldn’t sacrifice their personal life, health or hobbies to become successful at business. 

Reduce Anxiety

I once worked with a client who was a CTO of a FinTech company, whose main problem was inability to let go of control and change his mindset from control freak to growth leader. Being a control freak in general may be even good when you start a business, but after some time you should start delegating, otherwise you end up having a burnout. Moreover, if the leader tries to be in control of all the processes in the company, it slows down the company growth. 

To help this client, I started working with anxiety which was behind his desire to keep everything under control. Normally in hypnotherapy, we work with a certain emotion that is behind a belief or a problem. My main task as a hypnotherapist in this case was to see where this emotion is actually rooting from and change the whole evaluation and the subconscious of this emotion through hypnotic suggestions. Also, in this case I used HypnoBox app as a support tool to help my client program the right beliefs  on a daily basis, even on the days without personal therapy sessions. 

After our work he was able to build up a system within his team where the employees could take their decisions, regardless of his control, and this was a huge step forward for the business, and as well for my client’s mental wellbeing. The business has now grown into a big international stock company, and it wouldn’t have happened so fast without the CTO’s personal development. 

Achieve Growth Mindset

If you don't understand your own negative mindset, and where it’s coming from, that will always influence the relationship between you and your employees  on a subconscious level. Also, if you want to achieve a growth mindset, you need to find the right balance between risk and trust. It is clear that you will never grow without doing a certain form of risk, especially if you are a startup founder. But it’s also important to have the right expectations, encourage that during regular check-ins with your employees, and develop a good company culture through that mindset. It’s okay to have doubts, but it’s important to work on strengthening your own self-worth so that that can rub off on your employees. Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool to develop this self-worth. As a leader it’s important to work on your own mindset first, so you can transfer it later to your employees and build a company culture.